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Top 15 Chinese Mobile Games Played In China

China commands quite a large population that is interested in all the top Chinese mobile games. It is also among the biggest manufacturers of mobile phones and games. The interest of gaming is hence mutual. It has published a large number of mobile games that are played in and out of China. The market of these games is celebrated largely in the country by the citizens. I spent half a year traveling in China during 2018 and was lucky enough to meet other gamers in the country. I had visited some Chinese internet cafes and brought along a China interpreter…

Selina Chen / May 22, 2019

Why New York City’s “Other” 4 Boroughs Are A Must-Visit!

When making travel plans to visit New York City, most visitors have one place and one place only on their radar. That destination is Manhattan, the best known borough of The Big Apple. Visiting such iconic sites of Manhattan as The Empire State Building, The Freedom Tower, Times Square and Rockefeller Center should no doubt be on every first-time visitor’s bucket list, I cannot stress enough how a visit to the “other” four New York City boroughs will expand the New York City experience! Outside of the “city” (as the locals refer to Manhattan), the outer boroughs of the Bronx,…

Selina Chen / January 22, 2019

116th Canton Fair

Author: Selina | Category: Blog The China Import and Export Fair(CIEF), commonly known as Canton Fair, was held in Guangzhou twice a year, in spring and autumn. The fair is a comprehensive international trade fair the most famous and largest and most-attend trade show in China with the the most variety in commodities.

Selina Chen / May 19, 2016

Xiamen English Club

Author: Selina | Category: Blog The English club was held as usual tonight at 7:30pm. The host was Queender who I got few chance to hear him talk. I was expecting him to organize a wonderful and and joyful meeting. Unfortunately it turned out to be kinda disappointing. he was not organized at all, and ovbvious he was too nerv

Selina Chen / May 19, 2016

How to Import From China

Author: Selina | Category: Blog IMPORT FROM CHINA Tired of of 5am-9pm office hours and thinking of working for yourself and be your own boss? why don’t you think of importing from China? Importing from China will give you the much needed change in your business. China presents massive opportunities for your business, pay

Selina Chen / May 19, 2016

What Products to Import?

Author: Selina | Category: Blog What to Buy from? In the event that there is a place that can fulfil what buyers want the most, it must be China. Swarming with different irregular and trademark products, China will never make you frustrated or stressed over what you will bring back. As great tokens and pre

Selina Chen / May 19, 2016

Chinese Valentine’s Day

It is Chinese Valentine’s Day today. The festival falls on the seventh day of seventh lunar month. It is also called the Double Seventh Festival or Qi Xi in Chinese. In China it is what Valentine’s Day to the western countries. In the late dacades, with the influences of foreign tradition, Feb 14 and Double Seventh Day are now popular among Chinese young people. China now has two Valentine’s Days a year. The Origin of Chinese Valentine Day The legend has been handed down for nearly 2 millennia. The story has been recorded as far back as the Jin Dynasty…

Selina Chen / May 19, 2016