Hakka Tulou Private One-day Tour

Tulou, or “earthen building”, is a traditional communal residence found in Fujian Province South China. Most of buildings were founded between 12th and the 20th centuries by Hakka people, usually of large, several stories high, and built along an inward-looking, circular or square floor plan. There are more than 23,000 tulous in Yongding city and 17,000 in Nanjing county, Zhangzhou. We offer tailor-made one day tour to both cities.
• Nanjing Tulou Area is the most recommended, as it’s only 2.5 hours from Xiamen city. The popular sites are Tianloukeng cluster, Yuchang buiding, Taxia Vilage in Shuyang Country as well as Yushuiyao.
• Yongding Tulou Area is about 3 hours from Xiamen city, but it’s the largest tulou area in Fujian, with most of the top buildings and where the largest building is.

Tianluokeng tulou guideItinerary:

Departure time: 9am or any time required.

Depart from: Your hotel lobby
Duration: Approx. 8 hours
Available: Daily

Customizable: Yes
Price: USD100/day

Price includes: 
Local English-speaking tour guide
Price not Included:
1. All transfer and transportation
2. Entrance fees

3. Meals

Xiamen-2.5 hours- Shuyang Town in Nanjing( not the Nanjing you know but a country in Zhangzhou city, Fujian province) – 0.5 hour-Yonding-3 hours-Xaimen
My driver and I will pick up from hotel at around 9am( or any time required), and take a 2.5-hour scenic drive to Shuyang in Nanjing. We will visit Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster and Yuchanglou(leaning structure Hakka house) when we arrive, and Taxia village after lunch . After short lunch break we will then travel to Gaotou Village in Yongding to visit Chengqilou, the biggest existing tulou. We will be able to leave for xiamen at around 5pm and arrive at Xiamen at around 8pm.

Tianluokeng Tulou cluster: Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster are composed of 5 earthen buildings, with one square tulou at the center and circled by 4 circular tulous, forming a pretty pattern of so called “four dishes with one soup”.It is one of the most magnificent and well-preserved Hakka Castles in the area.

Yuchanglou: Nickname “leaning buildin” or Eastern Pisa Tower. It is famous for its leaning pillars. Located in XiabanVillage, Yuchanglou was built in 1308 and is one of the oldest existing Tulou. The most extreme is slanted at15-degree angle. Yuchanglou has been like this for more than 700 years and remains intact today.

TaxiaVillage: A famous overseas Chinese village. The earthen buildings are built along the bank of the river. Another major attraction is Zhang’s Ancestral Hall. Nearby a pond, 20 stone flagpoles rise like a stone forest in front of it. As one of the most well-reserved ancient clan house in China, Zhang is Clan A
ncestral Hall is listed among the key culture relics protected under national level.

Chenchengqilou tulou guidegqilou: Nickname” The King of tulou”. Located in Gaobei Village, it is the biggest exsiting tulou which is
about 5 km away fro
m Hongkeng Tulou, It is almost three hundred years old and is made up of four concentric circular buildings. It composes
400 rooms and used to house 80 families, totaling more than 600 people in its prosperous days.

Due to the long distance from Xiamen, hiring a private car is highly recomm
ended. Here are travel costs for your reference.
A 5 seats car with a driver: 900RMB per day, 7 seats business van with a driver: 1000RMB per day.
English speaking tour guide: 650RMB per day.
Entrance tickets costs: Tianloukeng, Yuchanglou and Taxia village all together cost 100RMB per person.
Chengqilou: 50 RMB per person.

This is just one day trip, if you have longer than two days for Hakka villages tour, two days trip will be of more fun. Please contact me at mychinainterpreter@hotmail.com for multiple days tour.

Hakka Tulou Private One-day Tour
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