Living in Beijing Pros And Cons

Living in Beijing Pros And Cons

China, however populous, is a vast country in terms of geographical area. It is one of those countries which has someplace for each one of us. If you are planning to migrate to China sometime soon and settle in Beijing – the capital city of China then, you have come to the right place. Here, I will discuss all the pros and cons of Beijing’s lifestyle and as well as provide you with a complete guide to living in Beijing. It is very important to thoroughly consider all the living in Beijing pros and cons before deciding on migrating to or settling in Beijing.

the pros and cons of living in beijing

Beijing Lifestyle

Beijing, the capital town of China, superbly blends both ancient and modern Chinese cultures. A cosmopolitan metropolis combining history and modernism is what you will be able to see and experience on Beijing tours. Beijing locals live a stimulating life that mixes these 2 components. They normally lead their lives while being surrounded by a number of the foremost spectacular historical places in the world. The wealth of attractions and activities in Beijing for individuals from all sorts of backgrounds embodies the very fact that it is a friendly town full of history and culture.

Beijing offers its residents great looking opportunities at malls and markets, vivacious nightlife, and extremely anticipated annual events at a variety of exciting recreation venues. It additionally offers delicious mouthwatering native and international feeding choices, best sports facilities, and eye capturing gorgeous natural beauty. Here, I have jotted down all the important living in Beijing pros and cons. It is very important to consider each of the following factors before making such an important decision.

The Cons of Living in Beijing

  • Amongst all the challenges of living in Beijing the biggest challenge that you will face is pollution. Although dramatically higher in 2015 than in previous years, pollution rates often remain catastrophically awful. The condition gets worse whenever the AQI goes over five hundred – formally ‘off-scale’. You will often notice stints wherever you go. You can obtain low-cost, but excellent air filters and 3M masks from any Seven-11 to save yourself. However, it is still urgently grim stepping out into choking smog and fine particulates penetrating your bloodstream.
  • The city is implausibly poorly planned; I am pretty certain about this thing that there was no real planning and designing done before constructing this city. Beijing was the primary town to urge a modernized overhaul, IIRC, thus all the mistakes were created there – that is why Shanghai is a lot more habitable than Beijing.
  • Calling Beijing a crowded city would be an understatement! There is a constant lack of personal space and huge clusters of people moving from one place to another make it hard to make your way through the busy streets. Individuals wander around those oblivious to those around them; sidewalks are packed with stuff blocking passages.
  • The long list also includes poverty. There are loads of bright lights and massive skyscrapers in Beijing. However, there are still loads of severe impoverishment in Beijing. The distinction and difference here between the ‘new rich’ and the poor ones can make anyone sick. Unfortunately, the beggar mafia is also quite dominant; there are purportedly gangs that force disabled individuals to beg then provide the gang all the money.

The Pros of Living in Beijing

  • There are plenty of pros of but the cost of living here is definitely one of the best things about Beijing. When we talk about the cost of living in Beijing you will be surprised to hear that your bills will be very cheap in Beijing. Food and beverage prices in Beijing can also be inexpensive depending on your tastes.
  • Working in Beijing as an expat wouldn’t be an issue. There are plenty of opportunities for all. Bankers, fashion designers, international faculty lecturers, writers, bartenders, students, ESL lecturers, businessmen, and women – they are all here and it creates an extremely varied expat community with individuals in totally different stages of life and career. In Beijing with the relative wealth of being an expat and also the advancement of social and skilled circles, the sensation of having had created a life for yourself is palpable.
  • Amongst all the good things that you will get to experience in Beijing the best one is the exotic Beijing food. There is so much variety of food and cuisines here that there is something for all food tastes and preferences. There is good news for pure vegetarians: you will find plenty of good vegetarian dining places in Beijing. Be it international or local Chinese food, you will find all of your favorite splendid flavors here.
  • Unlike several alternative massive cities, Beijing is an unbelievably safe town. Serious crimes appear to stop to exist whereas, petty crimes are quite a few. Though, small scale thieving will occur it is generally uncommon and may be avoided by taking steps toward traveling safety. As portrayed by the media pickpocketing rates are very low too.
  • A tremendous quantity of power runs through the city’s streets, and there is one thing unimaginable concerning being the center of it all – Beijing is a powerhouse. Being the house of president, also the host of significant political gatherings, there is a profound sense of cultural pride that runs through the streets of Beijing.


What was once quitter and less famed is currently growing into one recognizable and established city. Living and settling in any city or country comes with its own pros and cons, same is the case with Beijing, it is a glorious city that has a lot to offer but only those will be able to make it through who can face the challenges of living in Beijing. It is undoubtedly an enormous city that can help you discover an inventory of wonderful things.

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