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Guangzhou tour, the liberal hub of China

Guangzhou, otherwise called Canton, and less normally as Kwangchow is the capital and biggest city of Guangdong territory in South China. Located on the Pearl River, around 120 km (75 mi) north-west of Hong Kong and 145 km (90 mi) north of Macau, Guangzhou serves as an imperative national transportation center and exchanging port. One of the five National Central Cities, it holds sub-provincial managerial status. Guangzhou is the third biggest Chinese city and the biggest city in South Central China. In 2014 the city’s authoritative area was assessed to have a populace of 14.08 million. Some appraisals put the number of inhabitants in the whole Pearl River Delta Mega City built-up zone as high as 44 million including Guangzhou’s nine urban locale, Shenzhen (10.36 million), Dongguan (8.22 million), Zhongshan (3.12 million), most parts of Foshan (7.20 million), Jiangmen (1.82 million), Zhuhai (0.89 million) and Huyang County of Huizhou (0.76 million) cguangzhou touronnecting Dongguan and Shenzhen, with a region of around 17,573 square kilometers (6,785 sq mi).

Tour the capital of the richest province in China with an expert on the city of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a wonderful mix of old and new with a founding date of 214 BC. As the original birthplace of dim sum, the city has transformed from a village to the pioneer of the economic development of the country.

As the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai, it is heavily populated with a large focus on tourism, dining and tremendous wealth. As a prosperous metropolis along the southern coastline of China and runs along both the Pearl River and South China Sea and fast accessibility to Hong Kong and Macau; a Guangzhou tour will serve you as a cultural hub of the Guangdong for main attractions, shopping, distinct cuisine and a wide range of nightlife options.

Guangzhou Tour

Fill out a free quote on the right of the page so that you can begin to discover the political, economic, scientific, and educational center of the area. With a city of  liberal ideology, its attractions include the a heavy core in nightlife with lively parties and night fairs. If you’d rather have a more tranquil night, watch the night display from White Cloud Mountain or take a cruise on the Pearl River. During the day, venture to Shangxiajiu Road, Beijing Road or Shifu Road for the commercial area with long-established brands and modern shopping malls. If you’re not one for the stores, a number of attractions there are a number of famous buildings to check out, such as the Canton Tower, a number of parks to walk through such as Yuexia Park, Shamian Island to boat to, and Pearl River to cost along. If you’re not one for the outdoors, hguangzhou tour canton toweread over to one of the many museums, Sacred Heart Cathedral or the Ancestral Temple of Chen Family for a history fix and Chimelong Tourist Resort to bring the kids for some fun with waterparks, a safari park and to witness an international circus.

Tourist attractions

Guangzhou has a moist, hot sub-tropical atmosphere. The average temperature is 21.8 °C (71 °F). Autumn, from October to December, is extremely direct, cool and blustery, and is the best travel time. There are numerous tourist attractions around the city which include:
• Xiguan
• Chen Clan Academy or Chan Clan Ancestral Hall
• Shamian Island or Shameen Island
Guangdong Provincial Museum
• Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King
• Temple of the Six Banyan Trees
• Sacred Heart Cathedral or Stone House
• Huaisheng Mosque
• Temple of Bright Filial Piety

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Guangzhou Tour Guide For Hire While Visiting Guangzhou China
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