Top 10 Things to do in Shanghai at Night

Top 10 Things to do in Shanghai at Night

If you want an enjoyable nightlife, then you should visit Shanghai. This is an adrenaline dumping metropolis and there are many things to do in Shanghai at night. You can never really experience Shanghai if you are not part of the night time activity in this city.

If you want a nightlife experience in Shanghai, then there are some activities that you should definitely engage in. Here is a list of the top 10 things:

#1: Visit The Bund

One of the outstanding events in here is the illumination shows that take place during the evenings. There is the colonial-era type of buildings all across this area and this makes this region such an enchanting place to be. This makes it one of the best things to do in Shanghai at night.

For instance, there is the Huangpu River where many skyscrapers are positioned across it. Among them, the most famous one is the Oriental Pearl Tower, which spreads light colors around. You can also see boats on River Huangpu bearing lights all over.

One of the delightful things to do is to stroll on the riverside and admire the skyline. You can further enhance your experience by taking a tour with a convertible jeep.

things to do in shanghai at night

#2: Cruising the Huangpu River

The Huangpu River divides Shanghai in two. The west bank is called Puxi while the east bank is Pudong. So, the best way to catch the spectacular skyline is by taking a cruise boat along the river.

If you decide to take this option, there are different tours with varying durations that you can pick. It can be as small as 30 minutes or a three and a half hour cruise.

The cruise provides you the chance to compare the contradictions that exist between the modern skyscrapers and classical European buildings.

#3: See Acrobatic shows

Acrobatic shows are one of the greatest activities that you can engage in for a night activity in Shanghai. Tourists take advantage of the city by attending acrobatic shows. In addition, there are so many theaters available in the city and are among the other alternatives to entertain yourself in Shanghai at night.

The shows held at these theaters are great. They include cycles, acrobats, balancing, and juggling. Some of the acts are outstanding and definitely it is worth every second of your time.

#4: Shopping and walking along Nanjing Road

Nanjing road can be described as the business street of Shanghai. It has lots of best traditional eateries, old brand ships, and shopping malls.

At night, lights are lit up and more and more people are around to shop. It is the best time to take a walk and experience the true spirit of Shanghai. It is also a good opportunity to enjoy dining, bar hopping, and shopping. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Shanghai at night.

#5: Taking in a view of the city from the World Financial Center

This center is located at Pudong District. It offers a splendid view of the city during the night. There are observation decks that have been set up on 94th, 97th, and 100th floors.

The best place among them is the 100th floor. Here, the deck has a viewing gallery at 55 meters and a glass made skywalk where you can take the scenery underneath the point you stand up.

#6: Bar experience at Xintiandi

Xintiandi is full of stone houses, many western bars, pubs, and restaurants. It is a lovely place to be in during the evening hours. As the sun sets, street lamps are turned on completely and they totally change the atmosphere.

This place is a real showcase for culture and history. It is the best place to get a culinary experience and to enjoy drinks. You kind of get a European experience and there are many foreigners in this area.

Xintiandi at night

#7: Roaming in Tianzifang

Roaming takes place within the French concession. This region has small alleys and traditional shikumen buildings which makes it unique. There are many craft shops, galleries, clothing stores, and gift shops.

The alleys are stone-paved and this makes you move in a slower mode compared to Shanghai streets. It is a great place to experience the culture and art that the city offers to you.

#8: City God Temple for local snacks

This temple is near the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai. The area around this temple is quite famous for its traditional Chinese architecture. There are many local snack bars as well.

The hanging lanterns, halls, pavilions, and temples make this place unique and outstanding. There are different street stalls that are stocked with the best snacks and distinguished cousin of Shanghai. You can get a taste of pan-fried buns, begonia cakes, and crab shell cakes, etc.

This is also the best place to get souvenirs. There are folk art, counterfeit goods, and handmade crafts to buy among many other things.

#9: Visit Old Shanghai

Old Shanghai is also another great place to discover. Here, you have a chance to see what kind of place Shanghai really was at the very beginning.

Most of the buildings here can be traced to the Qing and Ming dynasties. There are century-old teahouses, money shops, traditional restaurants and so on.

You can simply take a walk on the street or enjoy tea to experience the history and culture of Shanghai.

#10: Explore Happy valley

This is a great theme park in Shanghai to stop if you have your kids with you. There are so many entertainment facilities offering different performances for you. The programs usually commence at 5.30 pm and you can have fun at a convenience fee.

happy valley shanghai at night


There are many amazing alternatives to enjoy in Shanghai. The most common ones are snacks, small alleys, traditional architecture, modern architecture, skyline, breathtaking views, and so on. By attending one of the best nighttime activities, you can get the chance to experience the true spirit of Shanghai.

It is important to plan your Shanghai tour in advance if you want to visit most of the areas that interest you. There are places which are great for the whole family. You can definitely have a nice time, regardless of you are traveling with kids or not.

The mentioned items above are some of the alternatives things to do in Shanghai at night. The best thing is that you can have a custom-made tour of the city. This allows you to engage in the kind of things that actually interest you and create some of the most memorable moments while visiting China.

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    "The tour itself was fantastic with Selina being very helpful, well-spoken in English and, most of all, very good company!" - Rob From The Netherlands
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    "We were very happy with Selina as our guide, I would definitely book her again and highly recommend her." - Marinka Van Der Eng
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    "The tour was awesome and the expenses were pretty much exactly what she had quoted. Highly recommended." - David W.
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