Top 15 Chinese Mobile Games Played In China

top chinese mobile games

China commands quite a large population that is interested in all the top Chinese mobile games. It is also among the biggest manufacturers of mobile phones and games. The interest of gaming is hence mutual. It has published a large number of mobile games that are played in and out of China. The market of these games is celebrated largely in the country by the citizens.

I spent half a year traveling in China during 2018 and was lucky enough to meet other gamers in the country. I had visited some Chinese internet cafes and brought along a China interpreter friend to help with any language barriers with players. Computer games were very popular but what I noticed is an addiction to mobile games being played.

After being introduced to some of the games I became addicted in them. I put together this list for 15 of the top Chinese mobile games being played in China.

#1 – Honor of kings

It is a mobile game published by Tencent holdings limited in China. It comprises of different teams often two of five people. These teams have territories to protect. The members of every team have different skills and gang up to form a formidable squad of five.

They ambush the enemy’s territory in order to gain control. The altercations in the battle are what make the game interesting and fun to play. It has the capability of attracting teens and children in plenty. It is considered as an addictive game. It widely referred to as the arena of valor.

#2 – Fantasy Westward Journey

It was published by NetEase Internet Company from China. It is an online game that can easily be played by a large number of people at the same time commonly abbreviated as MMORPG. The game entails the three kingdoms with amateur traders fighting against an antagonist for the peace of their dynasty.

It is also based on the story of five people. These people went for a sacred journey for a religious Buddhist scripture. The journey is interesting and entertaining for it involves humor. It involves different clans and races that one can select and chose.

#3 – QQ Speed Mobile

This is another game developed by Tencent holdings limited. ‘QQ’ principle was used to describe the ‘instant’ level of speed used in the game. The game involves a racing game that involves small motor racing vehicles referred to as karts. The player chooses one of the karts and takes control of it while the competitors are auto-controlled.

The game is there dimensional and involves a fleet of more than thirty competitors. The aim is to compete against your opponents and try to finish the race as fast as possible possibly finish first. The race takes a maximum of three minutes. This is the best game to be played by people who enjoy competitions and they derive satisfaction by the rankings. It fits all ages as long as you enjoy competitive racing.

#4 – The Scroll of Taiwu

This is an independent innovative game. This game is basically involved in the strong myths of the Chinese. The Taiwu is a dynasty in the martial arts world of China. The player lives a normal life where you encounter challenges in martial arts. One learns different martial arts styles from various gangs to sharpen the skills. You can make friends around the travel areas or make enemies too.

Once the skills are acquired and one is ready to fight, there is the final battle from the Taiwu lineage. This battle is the one that dictates whatever happens to the rest of the people in the world. The skills involve learning from various techniques. These skills define whether you can save the world or you can fail the world, the backs stop with your final battle.

#5 – Onmyoji

This is another of the NetEase internet company publication. It is a very strategic game that is full of fantasies. This game is a player versus environment, player or monster kind. The battles that the player passes through are intense and quite challenging. A player might call upon the Shikigamis to assist in case assistance is needed.

These are fictional superpower beings that have the ability to assist in times of trouble. The grand mission is to form an alliance and strategies to defeat various demons. These demons stand in the way of the player becoming the grand Onmyoji. The game is quite adventurous and interesting if at all you love the world of fantasy. The ultimate goal is to win all those battles and come out on top as the king.

#6 – Ring of Elysium

It is yet another battle royale genre published by Tencent. This game entails an escape plan from a trap. People are distracted by snow from a mountain and cannot seem to found a way to run away and save their lives from the stormy snow that seems gigantic. They have to find a way out of the trap but there is only one way, through a plane.

The disadvantage is that the plane can only ferry a few individuals yet they are quite a number of them. For them to survive, they will have to hurry up and beat the oncoming storm. But still, they will have to beat their opponents who also are in a wave of saving themselves. For them to survive they are provided with various tools like snowboards and other climbing tools that can aid their smooth maneuver.

The players will encounter difficult challenges along the way and they are supposed to overcome so as to survive. The game has two different seasons with season two being almost close to one but different terrain and challenges. Season two is an escape from a volcano. Only four players can be rescued in the near end of the game.

#7 – The New King of Chaos

This is another great game published by the Tencent Company. It is a game played by various players simultaneously. It is a battle game that involves fights. As a fighter, a player is expected to collect various gems. These gems are supposed to arm and improve on the regalia so as to stay protected. The ammunition is varied and of different types.

A player is supposed to choose the opponent to fight in the game. Among the various opponents available includes the ninjas. An arrow man is also another opponent plus other like the lizard. As the game grows, a player is supposed to upgrade as one moves up the ladder this means that the opponents increase in number as the game upgrades.

#8 – Clash of Clans

It is a game developed and published by a company called Supercell. It has its parent branch based in Beijing China. It is also a game played by numerous participants at the same time mostly online. The players are supposed to form unions inform of clans. They come together to train for combat and attack each other to acquire necessities. There are valuable commodities that they fight for in particular like gold.

These commodities are mostly used to defend them from attacks from other communities. The more commodities a clan collects the more superior they become. The game takes an ambush of a period of almost three minutes. It can also be played by a single player fighting villages and collecting these commodities. It is an interesting game that has attracted interest from all over the world.

#9 – Ghost Story

This is another game from the NetEase Company. It involves a story based on romance and love. The story involves a ghost in the form of a lady who fell for a normal human man. This love story is player-oriented thus the player choose the narrative of the story. The player takes charge of the outcome of the story whether the boy and the girl might end up together or not.

#10 – Player Unknown’s Battleground

This involves a game that is all about how to survive. It has no specific rules and conditions but the players are simply supposed to play and stay alive. The competitors are numerous and are supposed to survive by eliminating each other. It is a game to be played by more than one player.

The players are supposed to be on an island with so many other competitors. They are supposed to reduce up to a point where they are supposed to converge and fight each other by taking the weapons from one another. The players have to kill these competitors in order to survive. All these competitors have to be killed such that any person who is left alone becomes the victor.

#11 – Identity V

This is a combat kind of game that involves warfare. The war or fights is between gamers and very harsh opponents. It is a ghostly game that is based on one player taking on other several players. The game is basically a survival for the fittest kind of play. The player is assigned to look a for certain lady who is claimed lost. It is through the search of the lady that the player finds a lot of challenges in the endeavor.

A certain warrior hunter is trying to get hold of the player and eliminate. In case the hunter succeeds to arrest the one player, and then the rest of the other players can come and rescue him. If they fail then their fellow player is blasted off and gets killed. The rest of the survivors can go through the same altercations and try as hard to survive the wrath of the hunter.

#12 – Mini World

This is a game that involves gamers building a world of their own. The gamers are supposed to collect bricks or blocks and create an environment. The game can be played by one person or several other players. The players have a chance to create their own fantasy world. They are free to choose any form of setup for the choices are free.

The players have the liberty to move around easily and create whatever world interests them. This is a simple game that has no complex controls. It can, therefore, be played by any interested individual. It is the best game for gamers who love a fantasy world.

#13 – Knives Out

It is a game that creates a team with another player. As a team, you are supposed to go to an island distant. This island has weapons enough which must be used to eliminate intruders. The basic concept here is survival. The team is supposed to struggle through the challenges and eliminate any danger to come out top.

The island is complex in that it offers various environments for exploration and adventure. The various motions and breathtaking actions in the game makes it fun to participate and play. It can be a good game for gamers who really love fights and battles in the fields.

#14 – PUBG Mobile Game

Just like the knives out game above, this game involves an island too. Competitors are also placed on an island. The gamers who are almost 100 of them are supposed to collect various valuables from the island. The only thing that they come with to the island is a backpack that will be used to keep the collected valuables.

The main intention is to collect them and keep them. The final turn comes when the only player to leave the island is the one survivor. The players are supposed to eliminate each other until one of them is left as the sole survivor.

#15 – Crossfire

As the title suggests, the game is specifically a shooting game. It is all about the ability to identify and take a good aim to shoot and eliminate. The competition is purely based on the ability to take good complete shots. The gamers are supposed to take shots at the threat and in case of failure then they are killed. It takes keen concentration and focuses to eliminate these threats. It is a good game for those players who are fans of combat.

Final Consideration

China has been seen as the major publisher and producer of many interesting mobile games. With time, we shall be able to see upgrades and more interesting games. These games have led to the growth of the economy in the country. It has also brought about high demand in the games from foreign countries. We are yet to see more international versions of the games being produced and translated. One fact about these top Chinese mobile games is that they are highly dominated by the NetEase and Tencent companies.

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    "We were very happy with Selina as our guide, I would definitely book her again and highly recommend her." - Marinka Van Der Eng
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    "The tour was awesome and the expenses were pretty much exactly what she had quoted. Highly recommended." - David W.
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    "The tour itself was fantastic with Selina being very helpful, well-spoken in English and, most of all, very good company!" - Rob From The Netherlands
    My China Interpreter

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