Living in Shanghai Pros and Cons

Living in Shanghai Pros and Cons

China, however highly inhabited, is a large country in terms of region. It is amongst those countries which have someplace for every one among us. If you are aiming to migrate to China sometime soon and planning to settle in Shanghai – one of the most influential cities in China, then you have come to the proper place. Here, you will get to know about living in Shanghai pros and cons. In addition to this, I will provide you with the entire guide to living in Shanghai.

Living in Shanghai Pros and Cons

Shanghai Lifestyle

One of the foremost dynamic cities in China, Shanghai is an active and sprawling town that gives expats a fusion of East and West, history and modernity. It is a powerful and cosmopolitan town; its locals work effortlessly and play more durable. Shanghai has taken the most effective of Chinese and Western cultures and has amalgamated them together in an exceedingly distinctive manner.

Shanghai is one of its kind, and its friendly occupants are renowned for their cordial reception and their ability to make guests feel hospitable and welcoming. Shanghai’s native lifestyles mix the most effective of China’s past and recent in conjunction with some Western cultural aspects creating Shanghai’s local culture foremost distinctive within the world. While residing in this cosmopolitan metropolis town, the locals and foreigners will get to expertise each the history, and modernism of Shanghai.

As with each town within the world, there are blessings and drawbacks to living in Shanghai. Here, I have compiled an outline of relevant aspects that are vital to consider before deciding whether you wish Shanghai to become your new home or not.  Have a look!

Cons of Living in Shanghai

  • Shanghai is amongst the most chaotic cities in China. The variety of individuals and their actions could seem surprising initially. However, it is an integrated part of the approach to life there. As mentioned before, individuals incline to not abide by any traffic laws or take away queues. In addition to this, littering and expectoration are quite common within the streets is quite common.
  • When we talk about the cost of living in Shanghai, pricing and location are quite expensive. Housing costs in Shanghai have skyrocketed over the years. Sometimes, even low-quality houses are extraordinarily expensive if it is located in a very central place. If you are accustomed to brand-name merchandise and don’t have any plans to alter this, then you must be ready to pay a premium for such merchandise thanks to high import taxes.
  • The weather in Shanghai is commonly quite extreme. Hot heat and humidness during the summers keep for the foremost half, and winters are also often quite harsh and dry.
  • Amongst all the challenges of living in Shanghai, the biggest one is undoubtedly heavy traffic jams. During the time of rush, navigating through the town could appear to be virtually impossible; it will take around 2 hours to travel a 30-minute commute. Whereas, the railway line is perhaps the foremost reliable time-wise.
  • Another great challenge that you will face while living in Shanghai is censorship. Even with a virtual private network (VPN) the sites are slow and do not respond in the manner you want them to. Netflix is particularly an issue as they have not enabled access with a proxy, but you will be able to stream from Watch series, CR as an alternative.

Pros of Living in Shanghai

  • In Shanghai, a variety of activities take place daily. From art shows to music festivals, there is invariably some sort of event taking place in Shanghai. Working in Shanghai as an expat, you will get to explore the town, take a stroll down the Nanjing Pedestrian Street, or create their way around the French Concession. At night, one can also visit the Bund space for an exquisite sight of the Huangpu River, and opt to dine at elegant restaurants or munch on delicious street food in Shanghai.
  • Shanghai is a city with people from all corners of the world henceforth, it has a very diverse culture. As Shanghai continues to grow the increasing population of foreigners in the city can be easily seen. It is wonderful to munch on cuisines from all around the world cropping up, a wide range of languages often heard on streets. Thus, the potential of bumping into someone from the other corner of the world is quite high in Shanghai.
  • Shanghai is a very safe town with no to low crime rates. It is a place with low levels of crime, particularly violent crime is largely non-existent. While living in Shanghai expats can seldom hear of any major crimes being committed in the city.
  • In Shanghai, the higher the insurance one has, the higher the services and advantages they will receive. Those who have international insurance are ready to bypass most queues and plenty of hospitals even supply it, particularly for foreigners. Fewer folks see these doctors, which indicates they will devote a longer time to every patient.
  • There are great education facilities for everyone in Shanghai. Each international school or college is totally different, however, all of them try and gather a team of remarkably qualified faculty. The course outline and curriculum are also on par with any other school or college. The standard of education in Shanghai for the expat community is additionally on top of the usual.


Shanghai has developed into one recognizable and well-established town. Living and subsiding in any town or country come with advantages and disadvantages, similar is the case with Shanghai. It is a dynamic metropolis town that has grown into a glorious influential city. An area for the wealthy and also the poor, the brave and also the timid, the entrepreneurial and also the intellectual, the accomplishing and also the aspiring. It is vital to completely contemplate all the living in Shanghai pros and cons before preferring to migrate or subsiding in Shanghai. Hopefully, this guide was helpful!

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    "We were very happy with Selina as our guide, I would definitely book her again and highly recommend her." - Marinka Van Der Eng
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    "The tour was awesome and the expenses were pretty much exactly what she had quoted. Highly recommended." - David W.
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    "The tour itself was fantastic with Selina being very helpful, well-spoken in English and, most of all, very good company!" - Rob From The Netherlands
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