Best Place To Buy Electronics in Guangzhou – Top 7 Locations

Best Place To Buy Electronics in Guangzhou – Top 7 Locations

If you caught a glimpse of new tech in the news chances are that it’s coming to Guangzhou first before arriving everywhere else. You have to thank capitalism and overly fierce competition on the open market for this. The Guangzhou electronic market is the best place to get what you want. Not only in China, but in all the extension of the planet, not only you will be able to find the best place to buy electronics in Guangzhou, but also the latest tech is here. You can also buy it at incredibly low prices with cheap shopping in Guangzhou before it reaches the mass markets.

If you are traveling to Guangzhou on a technological quest, we are going to offer you some of the best places you can visit all over the city to get some great deals. Keep in mind that most of the times, these products are sold well below their final cost, but there is room to bargain for them depending on the time you go or the product you are looking for. Most of these outlets work from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, a few of them can work well into the night over 8.00 pm. Here is a list of the top 7 best place to buy electronics in Guangzhou:

best place to buy electronics in guangzhou

Canton Fair

#1: Pazhou Canton Fair Complex Shopping Circle

Pazhou is probably the most professional mobile market in Guangzhou. It certainly has a reputation among foreign buyers because the location houses a lot of important events during the year. The first one of these events is the world-renowned Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair. This makes our list as the number 1 best place to buy electronics in Guangzhou.

There is also the China International Furniture Fair, and other minor events that have been successfully held for many decades. It functions as the best introduction to China markets for many people. Deals of all sizes happen in this place both on bulk as well as retail. Even with the big reputation it has, it is another place for business, you won’t find counterfeits here, but you can still ask for a bargain and hope for a good deal.

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#2: Tianhe Gangding

Tianhe Gangding is an electronics market located right above the Gangding metro station in Tianhe. It’s known for being one of a kind, and many people from the outer limits of the city come looking for tech at reasonable prices. This is the place you visit when you are looking for the latest computer gadgets.

All the stores here seem to have certain coordination on their asking prices, but you can always bargain with them if you are buying wholesale. The best moments to come to Tianhe Gangding in during weekdays since weekends are always packed.

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#3: Jie Fang Zhong Lu Taojie

Jie Fang Zhong Lu Taojie has been labeled as one of the most peculiar markets in Guangzhou. You can get here by taking the MTR to Haizhu Guangchang. The outlet is smaller than the other places we have mentioned, and all the shops offer standard products that are sold on the Taobao website.

They stand out for being the ones providing outdated or discontinued products that can be useful to reassemble a new one. It’s the go-to place for refurbishers and people who are looking for spare parts in the cheap to fix a faulty product.

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#4: Yuexiu Dashatou Electronic Market

Dashatou electronic markets are a unique location that feels a lot like a Middle Eastern Bazaar instead of an Asian market. You can only get there on bus or taxi. Every seller here is offering both new and second-hand electronics, but in a curious twist, most of the buyers in this space come from Africa and the Middle East. The bulk of the products offered are second-hand smartphones, computers, the occasional brand new camera, air conditioners, fridges, and other appliances.

Most prices are for wholesale buyers, and they are probably the lowest in all of Guangzhou. Don’t let that fact stop you from asking for a bargain and while this is a bit trickier, if you refrain from asking for an invoice, the product will be even cheaper. Don’t ask too many questions if your product works just fine.

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#5: Nanfang Dasha

Nanfang Dasha is one of those places you have to visit even if it’s only to get it out of your system. It’s one of the greatest Guangzhou electronic markets and is located right outside of the Haizhu Guangchang MTR. Before becoming into the leading manufacturing industry of the world, China was a bastion for pirated products. Nanfang Dasha is the last remaining place showing its true colors in this regard.

The building of the market is adorned with a big red star on top of it that gives you a communist vibe. The inside of the building is full of stores offering a lot of homemade products that are direct counterfeits of Western offerings. As surprising as it seems, wholesalers have a field day in this place almost daily.

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#6: Lieshi Lingyuan Xilu

Lieshi Lingyuan Xilu is another market with a lot of little stores that are close to the China Plaza. You get there by taking the MTR to Martyrs Park. It’s regarded by many as the best place to get the latest models of mobile phones, but it’s not the best place to get the best deal in the product you are looking for.

The cold hard truth is that Lieshi Lingyuan Xilu is a tourist outlet and it’s sold as such for unknown tourist who has heard of the great benefits of hunting down cheap gadgets in China. Foreigners easily fall for the trap, and they usually spend the same kind of money they would pay at regular outlets. It’s being listed for your knowledge and making sure you ask for bargains if you happen to visit the place for the hell of it.

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#7: Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street Shopping Circle

Shangxiajiu is regarded as the first commercial street in Guangzhou. The main attraction of the place is the Qi Lou building, an old area featuring Lingnan style that has existed in Guangzhou for many years on both sides of the road. Shangxiajiu is well known for being a pace were wholesalers of garments and fabrics gather to offer their products, but the reach of technology has finally found his way there.

The prices are really good, and bargains are an option unless the seller states the contrary. The place is usually crowded even on weekdays, but it’s always packed at weekends. This commercial street is pretty close to the Zhuangyuan Fang Shopping Street and the Renmin North Road, a famous shopping center for young people who loves technology.

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